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The Regent Parkway has all of the needed amenities and facilities found in most condominiums, but it also adds other luxury items and services that go beyond the ordinary. At the Regent Parkway, you do not just get facilities and amenities that make life simpler, but you also get a lavish lifestyle that makes life more enjoyable.

Full concierge service – Coming home to the Regent Parkway will always be heartwarming as there is always a familiar friendly face to meet and greet you.  At your request, this service can also run errands and take messages for you.

Housekeeping services – You might think you are at a luxury hotel, but you are actually at home with the housekeeping services of the Regent Parkway.  Perfect for busy individuals, requesting for your unit to be cleaned or clothes to be washed is now as simple as calling for room service at a hotel.

Cable TV ready rooms – Remodelling a brand new unit just to install TV cable lines are a thing of the past as all rooms at the Regent Parkway are cable TV ready.

Exclusive residential lounge and reception area – For your added privacy and comfort, there’s a space exclusively for you and your special guests where the nuisance of people coming in and out does not exist.

High speed elevators – The Regent Parkway has 2 high speed elevators to help residents navigate 35 floors of posh living space and 3 basement parking levels in a jiff.

Basement parking -- for your convenience and for the safety of your vehicles, the Regent Parkway has three levels of basement parking.

Waste disposal chutes on each level – Proper waste disposable and the care of the environment is a very essential but often overlooked and neglected necessity.  At the Regent Parkway, proper waste disposable is made simple and convenient by waste disposal chutes installed on each level.

Gym – Get a complete workout without leaving the confines of your home at the Regent Parkway gym.

Gazebo – The gazebo can be a special place to mediate or bring your beloved for a date.

Swimming pools – The Regent Parkway has 3 pools: a lap pool for adults, a toddler's pool for kids, and a Jacuzzi.

Shower & changing rooms with sauna – Shower up and change, or enjoy a sauna after a workout at the gym or a dip in the pool.

Bar area – Get a few drinks with friends at the bar area.

Library – Retreat to a quiet space to read or research at the library

Multi-purpose room space – Find solutions to your space problems with this room with versatility.

Standby and Backup Generators – Power failure should not be a reason for your life’s activities to stop.  At the Regent Parkway, redundant power supply systems ensure that life goes on with powerful standby and backup generators.

Recreational areas – Anytime you want to unwind or just have fun, the Regent Parkway’s recreational areas are a good place to go to.

Children's playground – Let your kids loose at the children’s playground with confidence that they are safe and secure. 

Landscaped gardens and water features – Enjoy a walk around the grounds of the Regent Parkway with beautiful landscaped gardens and water features.

  • Gym
  • Gazebo
  • Lap pool
  • Bar area
  • Toddler's pool
  • Library
  • Jacuzzi/Spa
  • Shower/ changing room with sauna
  • Multi-purpose room space
  • Backup generator
  • Recreational area
  • Waste disposal chutes on each level
  • Exclusive residential lounge and reception area
  • Full concierge service
  • Children's playground
  • housekeeping services
  • Cable TV ready
  • Standby generators
  • landscaped gardens with water feature
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